Here is a collection of tall tales from the wee hours.

Told by Gary Towery on October 25, 2007

Tonight I said a prayer for my old home. I'm still hoping for a miracle, while holding my vigil. Thanks again, Larry. You are still the best. Keep your fingers crossed for a miracle. From a veteran of the late 60's-early 70's crowd.

Told by Mnemnes Fimple on October 23, 2007

Dear Barleycorners,

I recently learned of your relegation to the slag heap of what was wonderful about San Francisco. Emperor Norton is gone,Edsel Ford Fung is gone and now The John Barleycorn slips over the horizon....May the creature that bought this about have the wind to her face,the sun in her eyes and puddles up her knickers.

Knowing a little about the Barleycorn Pub and being a friend of the Air Traffic Controllers who loitered there. I think aedieu is not befitting the situation, but


Mnemnes Fimple

Told by Mary Rogers (now Ganapol) on October 20, 2007

Wow, so many memories! I first walked through the doors in 1975 when I was staying at the residence club across the street (I grew up in the Sunset). I then moved into an apt. next door where I lived for the next ten years. By 1/85 my good friend, and JB regular, Mike Fletcher stayed over for a "few days" and never moved out! It led to our 8/85 elopement and a wonderful 17-year marriage! Although no longer married we remain best of friends. I left the neighborhood in 1985 and SF in 1996. I'll miss stopping in to catch up when I visit SF. I have wonderful memories and photos of the softball games, river trips, etc. The JB was truly my "Cheers", my home away from home, where I could always run a tab AND cash a check (usually for a dice game or pizza!). Best regards to all who remember me and many thanks Larry for all the good times!

From Knoxville and Tucson... iscream@flash.net

Told by Christine Harris-Huff on October 19, 2007

18 October 2007

I first arrived at the Barleycorn on a Monday night in late February of 1983. I was newly ensconced in the weekly/monthly place diagonally across the street (the California something...) and walked to The Front Room for a bite. I encountered a woman about my age on the corner who knew San Francisco not at all and was looking for a bite as well. We had some pizza, chatted, emerged, and I pointed to the awning just north. We walked in on Danny's shift and of course received drafts on the house. The rest is history. And thinking back, I was so young. But I never thought about age?thank God. I was not new to San Francisco, The City being my parents' honeymoon destination in 1941, and which remains their favorite city in the world. They have also visited the Barleycorn--my dad more than my mom!!--and are now 92 and 85, and send heartfelt love (from Ivor and Jodie Harris?and, Martha, my dad still has a twinkle in his eye when your name is mentioned, and my mom is still asking about it?). My paternal grandmother owned a hotel, The Worth, near The Commodore. My father spent his summer Army Reserve time between Camp Roberts and The Presidio, while my mother and two sisters and I stayed in The City--and this was all a long time ago... As Bernadette Gallagher wrote, I 'lived' there, too, sometimes to the dismay of ?the boys? club? at 5, but it?s amazing how I actually won most of them over?or at least I think I did, so let?s not ruin my reverie. Some of the memories I have remind me that I was silly and annoying--and mostly drunk. But I wouldn?t change anything. Pour la plupart (and I mean 99%), I have absolutely wonderful memories of The John Barleycorn, of Larry, Danny, Steve and so many others. Of Leslie and Martha. Of Ed. Of being the only female sitting at the bar with the boys, with about 10 shot glasses lined up in front of me, and Larry adding one of his own--wow, those were the days. Of the time Larry sent a cab to pick me up at Spenger?s. Of all of the St. Patrick?s Days, especially the one where I WASN?T taken in, even though I was somehow maneuvering a vehicle north on Larkin from the pub? Of the early evening on one of Danny?s shift where there were just a few of us there, sitting in front of the window, and a young woman was trying to parallel-park a VW Bug. Danny walked over with the John Barleycorn notepads and pens and we all rated her as though she were an Olympian?you know, ?5.2,? ?3.5??it took her FOREVER to park, in and out, back and forth. And when she finally emerged from the vehicle, she saw all of us holding up our pieces of paper in the window?and she looked sort of embarrassed, but smiled?because we were. Genius, Danny, and one of the very funniest things I can remember in my life. Of all those who have passed on, but whom I shall never forget. Of my son playing stick-ball on Larkin in front of the pub when he was 15, and impressing quite a few. And of his returning years later as a proud musician who couldn't wait to share his success with Danny. Of my daughter calling and wondering when I would be home...!! (This is obviously a 'confessional'...) Of all the friends I made and yearn to see again. Of all the folks I have not named?and won?t. Cheers! Larry, THIS can never be replaced--not this very physical and emotional place, not this decades-long experience that tugs at the heart. I hope that you know how much we are all saddened, just as are you. I hope that you know how much we are all simply, in the end, so glad that you and the Barleycorn were there. And as a diehard Neil Young fan, Gary Towery said it just right: LONG MAY YOU RUN. No matter where I am or where I go, I will never forget, and I sure hope I can get there before the 27th. I love you all. Christine

Told by Bernadette Gallagher on October 08, 2007

'Lived' in the Barleycorn for the year of 1981. Great memories with my Irish mates - Jean, Betty, Catherine and Fiona. Some bits I'd like to forget,and bits I'd never want to forget. Lots of laughs, parties and madness (comes with the territory at that age). The river trip was great. Just been back for a visit and really sorry to hear the place is closing. Hasn't changed a bit. We are all back living in Ireland and doing well by all accounts (families, children, dogs etc).

Congratulations on the young family Larry and good luck.